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Ordered SQL

Howdy, Friends…

A small but very useful tip!

There are some time we would need to process SQL (or load) via  a particular order and, to achieve that, many time the Developer would load the data into temporary tables and process them same later into Target.

We can change the way that joins are generated at Oracle Data Integrator (10g or 11g).

If we are dealing with latest Oracle database , there is option in ODI topology which when being enabled would enables us to do Ordered SQL and thus avoiding unnecessary temporary table and steps and even processing time.

To enable the Ordered SQL .

Go to Topology- > Physical Architecture – > Oracle Technology (or any technology you wish to change)






The option of the Ordered Join syntax is to be enabled and accordingly the order Number needs to specified.

ODI will process the joins based on the Order Number and also in the Ascending Order.



Just to add to the above technique , you can set the table length in the Technology settings.


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  1. Can someone help How can we schedule the scenario Bi weekly in Load Plans and scenarios. Looking in ODI 12C version. Thanks for your help!

    • Hi, There is no rigid selection for bi-weekly scheduling from ODI. I wonder why oracle did not add that option.

      For this, you need to schedule your package twice schedule 1 package New Scheduling -> Execution -> Monthly (day of the month) -> First Day -> Time etc. and then schedule second package 2 Scheduling -> Execution -> Monthly -> 15th or 14th middle of the month.

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