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  1. Hi,

    In Step 5/9 of upgrade assistant, I can’t provide the username of the schema of Cloned ODI 11g work repository. The field is just disable, only password is enable. Unless I can provide the right username, the assistant fails.

    Anybody’s got the same problem ?
    Any Idea ?


  2. Hi,
    We have got a totally new server to install ODI 11g and use the existing ODI 10g master and work repositories in the new instance. Hence, do we need to use the master repository / work repository under a different name or the same name since these are being used currently on a separate instance which is working fine.
    What will be the impact of this if we use the same master / work repository in the other instance as well as the current instance? What is advisable in this regards?
    Thanks & regards,

    • Hi Manini,

      Thanks for visiting us . I believe if you are planning to move the repository from ODI 10g to 11g there is an upgrade assistant available .
      Please learn more about it http://odiexperts.com/11g-oracle-data-integrator-upgrading-from-10g-part-411g.

      How ever you cannot use the same repository since ODI 11g creates few extra tables and completely different architecture compared to 10g , so strongly i recommend to use a different Master and Work Repository instances.

      Hope i have answered your query. Please let me know if you are looking for any other information.

      Kshitiz Devendra

  3. Hello,

    We want to migrate to OODI 11G and in the same time we’ve a big project to migrate our SQL SERVER 2000 infrastructure where all the repository of ODI are store.

    Because of some hang of DESIGNER on SQL SERVER like “Generate scenario”, “Writing log on operator”, we discuss about transfer the repository on Oracle and leave SQL SERVER behind us.

    What’s your point of view ?

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards.

  4. can you please comment your points on my below requests :
    a) Can a standalone agent be installed on 64Bit Windows Server 2008. Is it compatible or would there be any issues for this.?
    b) If the standalone agent can be installed on 64bit Win Server 2008, Is Java -x64 version supported for this..?

    Thanks in advance..

  5. I have installed 32 bit version jdk and ODI studio is installed on Windows XP. ODI repository is on Oracle DB (AIX server).

  6. I am facing difficulty in launching ua.bat

    I got error “The system cannot find the path specified.”. I made sure that ODI_JAVA_HOME variable has correct path of jdk 1.6. Im not sure where is the problem. Any thoughts?


  7. Hello, We are getting this error while trying to connect to HyperionPlanning through ODI.
    File “”, line 32, in ? com.hyperion.odi.planning.ODIPlanningException: Could not connect the Planning instance on host [INFCH02747], port [11333], check if connect information is correct.

    We have RMI port number as 11333.The Hyperion RMI registry is up.But still we r getting the same error. Wats the reason…

  8. Just curious .. are you able to startup ODI Studio from Windows 64 bit OS?

    I got errors when I tried starting Studio (something about jvm.dll). I figured out it was using the Sun JDK 64 bit.

    I fixed it by installing Sun JDK 32 bit and making Studio use this instead of the 64 bit JDK.

    Is this a known issue not to use 64 bit JDK for ODI Studio?

  9. Hi Cezar, I have the same problem to upgrade to odi 11g 64 bit. But i didn’t understant what you have done to Launch the Upgrade Assistant.

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