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Connecting openLDAP

In Hyperion EPM 11 , authentication information is stored in openLDAP .

To get more information for the Hostname , port name , log into your Hyperion Shared Service console and under ‘ Administration ‘ click on ‘ Configure User Directories

Configure User Directories

Provider Configuration

Click ‘ Edit ‘ on the ‘ Provider Configuration‘ and check for the other details required for setting up the connection for openLDAP in ODI

Right click on LDAP Technology and ‘ Insert Data Server ‘ and for User -enter the above ‘user DN – ‘ cn=root,dc=css,dc=hyperion,dc=com

Here cn=root , the main root user who have all privilege to read all the data from OpenLDAP .

Select the Sunopsis JDBC Driver for LDAP




<host>: LDAP server network name or IP address. – < localhost >

<port>: port number the LDAP server is listening on. < 28089 >

<base_dn>: base DN to connect to. < dc=css,dc=hyperion,dc=com >

Encode the password using this command

The Default Password for OpenLDAP is ” security

To encode the password , run this command

java -cp E:OraHome_1oracledidriverssnpsldapo.jar com.sunopsis.ldap.jdbc.driver.SnpsLdapEncoder <enter password here>

If your password is not changed and also the User DN is same then you can use this JDBC url ,just change the localhost to your hostname



  1. Hi,
    I hope the you can help me !
    I have an error during the configuration because (I think) the base_dn has some blank space in the dn :

    dc=service account profile,dc=company,dc=com

    “java.sql.SQLException: A NamingException occured saying: Cannot parse url: service,dc=company,dc=com with this explanation: Cannot parse url: service,dc=abc,dc=net and this remaining name: null”

    Thanks in advance .


  2. Hi,,
    I’m having hard time in setting up the LDAP authentication from ODI.we are having the 9.3.1 shared services and i’m using 58089 port and also the shared services host name and the default password which is shown in the blog.

    But it says the connection cannot be found.

    Please help me in this.

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