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11g Oracle Data Integrator – Part 2/11g – Creating Repositories

Hello Dear Readers 😉

Nothing better to start our analysis that the real first step to start an Oracle Data Integrator 11g environment. It’s means REPOSITORIES!

The visual interface is all new but the functionality is just the same… I liked this new interface to create “ODI things” once it’s just one place to do all.

The big difference from 10g version is that, now, is possible to define a “external user validation” since the Master Repository creation. Pretty good to security protocols!

Let’s show you the screen and process to create the repositories… it will allow all of you to see the new design and learn how to manipulate it:

When you First Login to ODI Studio, you will see an option to connect to Repository.


Creating Master Repository

File – > New -> Master Repository Creation Wizard

For this post we are going with ODI authentication , the default  SUPERVISOR password is still  SUNOPSIS.

Click Finish for ODI to create the required Master Repository. Once completed Login into Topology.

Click Connect to Repository and furnish the required information,similar to 10g

Creating Work Repository

Once logged in , Go to Repositories and Right click on  Work Repositories  – > New Work Repository

You can specify the password for ODI Work Repository , as any one trying to open the Work Repository need to enter the password created now.

Provide the ID and Name of the Work Repository and click Finish and once created .

Click Connect to Repository and provide the necessary details and also selec the Work repository and once done Login into Designer.

Well guys, as you can see, it’s not so different from previous version but, in my opinion, looks really better!!!!!

See you all in the “3/11g post”


  1. Hi. Excellent post.
    I have a question about using RCU. I used this as the default method to get up and running. It created Master and Work in the same schema.
    I have since gone back to see if this is always the way and I cannot see any method of forcing RCU to creatre separate Master and Work schemas.
    Is this correct? Is it better to create your objects in ODI/database old fashioned way?
    Thanks. S.

    • Hi Severn,

      Thanks for visiting us . Unfortunately Oracle does not provide option for different creating Master and work schema in RCU,so ends being one .

      If you are looking for separate Master and Work schema ,go for Manual(database) method of creating repository.Moreover you have more flexibility in database method.

      Kshitiz Devendra

  2. Brilliant! I tried with RCU but I have problems. Your excellent text helps me very much!

  3. I have used the RCU utility and the main thing to be careful about is the password for the supervisor user and for the DEV_REPOS_xxx user. Once you know them, all you have to do is connect to the repository from within ODI.

    Manish Danani
    ERP, EAI, BI

  4. Hi,
    i am a beginner in ODI. Where can i get the tutorial for beginner?


  5. Thanks guys for the great work you are doing!!

    Looking at that post I was wondering about RCU (Repository Creation Utility) … is there anybody who has used it to create their 11g repositories … was just wondering.

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