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Finally!!!! The Oracle Data Integrator 11g Certified Implementation Exam!!!!!!

Hi Everybody,


after years and years of waiting, I got the so expected email about  the Oracle Data Integrator 11g Certified Implementation Exam.

The following link can tell you all about it:


However, they included Oracle Data Quality and Golden Gate Integration in the exam…

Anyway… still in BETA.





  1. Could someone please tell what is the passing score for exam and if the exam can be retaken if you feel you did not do well. I am aware that result will not be out until 10-11 weeks after exam closure date.
    Please also share what study material would cover the exam specially the EDQ and ODI integration.

  2. Hi Hamid,
    Can u share few questions with us so that we will understand the format of the exam.

    • Hi Ananya,

      Unfortunately I can not share the exact questions as it will be a breach of terms and conditions of the exam.


  3. Hi There was a single question on substitution, 4-5 around web based components including where can you see logs and monitor executions. a couple theoretical ones around big data and BI integration

  4. hi,
    ok Raul let us know.
    Hamid thanks for sharing your experience. I would also like to know as per the exam syllabus were there questions on auditing,substitution methods in km,web based components and role of ODI in big data and in Business Intelligence integration.

  5. Hi All,

    I sat in the exam this morning. Not sure about if I have passed since the results will be available later. The exam had the expected focus on the interface development, data store/model management, packages and load plans.. In addition to that there was a large chunk of questions on EDQ functionality & EDQ integration with ODI. I would imagine probably almost 20% questions from EDQ. There was a fair bit from CDC and Golden gate as well..


  6. Raul did u give the exam..?or nebody else..

  7. People who have give ODI exam can please tell how was it and kind of questions asked..? And were there too many questions on edq.?

  8. Hi Anyone given a try to write this exam?

    I am going to write this exam on the 25th October

    How are the questions framed around Golden Gate and Enterprise Data Quality?

    Mansur Aulam

    • Hi Mansur Aulam!!!

      Did you manage to write an ODI exam as I have booked mid of november. would be great if you could share your experience. Can I have your email address please?


    • Hi MansurAulam,

      How did your exam go? Was there much focus on Golden Gate and Data Quality?


  9. Hi Cesar,

    iam registered to complete exam on november 7th, iam starting to study, i will inform you if i pass the exam,
    i am taken too the ogg11g certification exam in beta, i am waiting for results.


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