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Invisible Join

I would like to show a simple invisible join between tables in the interface. The reason why i am calling the joins invisible is because I am not defining the joins at the build but rather at run time.

Such a scenario can exist while doing lookup of staging table with other Lookup or join tables and so the joining condition can keep getting changed so there way I can have only one interface rather than two or multiple interfaces.


As you can see there are two joins but they are not connected.  Looking at each join as you can see I have declared the Table_Name. Variable = Join_Table_name.Variable

TO do so ,just connect any two columns of the two tables and then change the joining condition column with variables.


similarly for the second one two.



I have specified the join columns in the variable ,as for this example i am making the join between S_COL.I_TABLE.SNP_COL.I_TABLE  and S_COL.I_TABLE=SNP_TABLE.I_TABLE


Specify your variable with the required column names  as i did with I_TABLE and run your interface. You can have different column conditions with a same variables and one interface.

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