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ODI Expert and why there is no new posts…

Hi friends,

As everyone who visit this blog knows, for a long time we haven’t publish new articles… that happened because I opened a company few years ago (InfoStrategy,com.br) and I don’t have time anymore to dedicate myself to technical staff.

I’m still open to receive articles, posts that’ll be published under the name of who wrote it but I don’t believe I’ll write any new technical article from now forward…

I wrote this small note to explain why no news are happening over here once I got several e-mail questioning me why!

Thank you to everyone who has visited us for all these years!


  1. Hi Experts,

    How to grant the privilleges to edit the particular attribute in OID. Please provide me the steps which i have to follow to provide the access to the users .

  2. Hi ,I have to implement automated back-out of the odi scenario using Java. Can some have sample code or function to achieve this. My requirement is to undeploy the scenarios from odi studio and then deploy

  3. Hello experts, my question is about DataPump but I cannot see any entry about this topic. Is it possible to use only a hint in OPTIMIZER_HINT in LKM without specify the action for example /*+ APPEND */ INSERT…?
    What I understand is that using an APPEND (for example) this always have to be accompanied by an INSERT. This always has to be specified in ODI? or only if we use the hint APPEND could it work?
    or any hint without more specifications?

  4. Hello friends,
    I have encountered an issue while file to table transfer. There is date column in source file where date is passed as 29991231(yyyymmdd) but when it is inserting records into target table the year is changed as 1999 instead of 2999. Can anyone help in this issue. if any modification is required at the KM level. I am using LKM file to sql.

    Please advise.


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