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Datatypes – Creating what is missing for any technology

Hi Guys,

Another really usefull tip about data types!

There are some time it happens we don’t have the required data type in respective Technology in ODI say for example DATETIME YEAR TO DAY ,DATETIME YEAR TO SECOND etc and so when we do a Selective reverse or RKM we don’t get the correct data type listed causing which we get the Null data type or get assigned to String .

The other simple solution if you are particular in getting the data type listed in Model . Here are the steps to Manually add the data type in Topology and create the respective conversation syntax.

Step1 . Go to the Respective data type and right click and Insert Data type or Duplicate an already existing datatype

Step2. Provide the required code and syntax


Step 3 . Provide the required converted To and Converted From detail for the Technology you are going to Work with . Lets say my target will be Oracle in that case , I have assigned to Timestamp .


Easy and Simple solution in dealing with Data types missing.

Any comments???

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