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Asynchronous -Parallel Execution

In ODI interface can be called parallel through using  odistartscen.

Step 1 – Create Scenarios of the Interface.

Step 2 .  In the package ,drag the odistartscen and provide the following details as shown below.

[ Note ;- Version = –1 calls latest scenario , so keep it –1]

In the Synchronous / Asynchronous , select the Asynchronous .

Session Name – will be visible in the Operator.


Keep doing so for all the Interface to be executed parallel  and provide the following as defined above.


Step 3 –  Finally call the odiwaitforchildsession


The  odiwaitforchildsession checks till all the parallel scenarios are executed successful or failure. The odiwaitforchildsession has to be called after such parallel execution and before Asynchronous  started if there are  interface before it.


  1. Hi All,
    I have a unique requirement. I have a scenerio which i have to run multiple times in parallel with different user inputs.
    Eg Suppose user inputs A,B,C then i have to run the same scenerio 3 times with input filter as A B and C respectively.

    If user inputs A,B,C, and D then i have to run the same scenerio 4 times with inputs A B C and D.

    Does any one know a way to achieve this.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions…


  2. Hi Cezar,
    I need to make this type of process, but can not figure out to do with.
    1) Input a table with the list of files that I upload.
    2) There are 30 different files, and each is necessary for an interface.

    I would like to implement a process that reads from the table of file names and addresses in parallel mode of loading the correct interface.


    • Hi antonio,

      Thanks for visiting us. Have a look at this post http://odiexperts.com/interface-parallel-execution-a-new-solution for handling interface pararelly feeding the same table.

      I am not sure if parallel loading is going to yield the right result but you can try this way. Have a variable x and provide set incrementing value 1,2,3 and so on to it and next call a refresh variable so that it can go and pick up the right file name pointing to right sequence and feeding the interface .

      Flow of package will be something like this

      set var (x) -> refresh var (y) -> interface – > set var(x) refresh var (y) -> interface and so on.

      Hope this helps.

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