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Importing Knowledge Modules

Go to Designer – > Project – > Knowledge Modules – > Import Knowledge Modules

Go to File Import directory … orahome_1oraclediimpexp ( windows )

Select the Complete List or a particular Knowledge Module to be imported and will be visible under the respective KM category.


  1. I am trying to convert VARCHAR2(max) from MSSQL to CLOB in Oracle. I get the error as inconsistent datatypes.
    Is there any new KM for this conversion in 12C and where can I download it?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Cezar,

    My model is not able to reverse engineer the objects from MSSQL. I checked the model and it seems to be running fine without any warnings. But no objects being pulled from source. Any help?

    Thank you!

  3. How to call my procedure using the Knowledge module ?

  4. Where do I download the Knowledge modules for MS SQL Server?

    • Hi,

      They already come in the ODI original installation…

      • Thank you for your response. These are the knowledge modules listed but I couldn’t find them in other projects (Oracle KM’s) that we are using.

        •IKM MSSQL Incremental Update

        •IKM MSSQL Slowly Changing Dimension

        •JKM MSSQL Consistent

        •JKM MSSQL Simple

        •LKM File to MSSQL (BULK)

        •LKM MSSQL to MSSQL (BCP)



        •LKM SQL to MSSQL (BULK)

        •LKM SQL to MSSQL

        •CKM SQL. This generic KM is used for performing integrity check for SQL Server.

        •RKM MSSQL

        Any help is truly appreciated!

  5. hi what is the difference between CKM Oracle and CKM Sql.
    Where should we search for documentation of specific KM ?

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