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Informix Connection

To download the Latest driver for Informix, please visit here


There is also a driver present for Informix in ODI

Driver Name – IBM Informix JDBC Driver
JDBC Driver – com.informix.jdbc.IfxDriver
JDBC URL -jdbc:informix-sqli://165.202.560. 369:1576:informixserver=infxdw;database=ftp

URL Parameters:

<host>: server network name or IP address. < 165.202.560.369 >
<port>: server port number. < 1576 >
<server name>: name of the Informix server < infxdw >
<dbname>: Informix database name <ftp>
<property>=<value>: Connection properties. Refer to the driver’s documentation for a list of available properties.

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