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  1. We have existing ODI Now our requirement is to move the ODI to ODI Want to know if Migration will work. or should Upgrade be followed.

  2. we have our ODI repositories(10g) on X oracle DB and using which the ODI nighty ETL loads the data to Y oracle DB. Now are looking to upgrade the ODI from 10g to 11g first and then from 11g to 12c by moving the repositories from “X” to “Z” so the installation and upgrade assistant should be installed on “Z”(new) server where new oracle database also resides with minimum version of ( and After the upgrade we connect to work and master reps using the clients(designer and operator)?

  3. Hi ,

    I have a question, We are planning to migrate the existing oracle data base to Will it impact the existing the repositories, Can we access the repositories/ODI with no compatibility issues after upgrade?

    please advise.

    Ram Mohan V

  4. Hi ,
    But I am not using MSSQL Server . I am using Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release – Production.
    If in this SQL developer version Copying the schema is not possible.
    Please let me know the commanda to run to copy the schemas.
    I have checked the link http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/upgrade.1111/e12642/tasklist.htm
    But unable to run the commands in SQL Developer.
    It is showing invalid SQL statement.
    Please help.


    • HI Prasun

      My bad… but still I can’t help once I don’t know this specific issue at SQL Developer.

      Sorry not be helpful!

      • It is fine Cezar,
        This link is very nice ; At least people are replying promptly and timely.
        I have ran the start_diag (RCC) but getting no response .
        C:\Users\superdom>CD C:\Oracle\diag_tools\bin

        OracleDI: Start the Diagnostic Tools Repository Server…
        [Server@82c01f]: [Thread[main,5,main]]: checkRunning(false) entered
        [Server@82c01f]: [Thread[main,5,main]]: checkRunning(false) exited
        [Server@82c01f]: Startup sequence initiated from main() method
        [Server@82c01f]: Loaded properties from [C:\Oracle\diag_tools\bin\server.propert
        [Server@82c01f]: Initiating startup sequence…
        [Server@82c01f]: Server socket opened successfully in 0 ms.
        [Server@82c01f]: Database [index=0, id=0, db=file:../bin/diag_repository, alias=
        ] opened sucessfully in 1435 ms.
        [Server@82c01f]: Startup sequence completed in 1451 ms.
        [Server@82c01f]: 2014-02-21 15:49:02.337 HSQLDB server 1.7.3 is online
        [Server@82c01f]: To close normally, connect and execute SHUTDOWN SQL
        [Server@82c01f]: From command line, use [Ctrl]+[C] to abort abruptly

        P.S- Before running start_diag I have edited the Sample(Existing) Properties file with my repository connection name like below.
        Please let me know if this is wrong .What will be the MRepoCatalog & MRepoSchema ?
        MRepoDriver = oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
        MRepoURL = jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:57162:ORCL11
        MRepoUser = MIG_MASTER_REP
        MRepoCatalog =
        MRepoSchema = ODIM_USER

        • AFter this when I am running rcc.bat then I am gettign the below error-

          *sys-package-mgr*: processing new jar, ‘C:\Oracle\Middleware
          Traceback (innermost last):
          (no code object) at line 0
          File “../bin/ODI_consistency_check.py”, line 3120
          SyntaxError: invalid syntax

          Please help

  5. Hi ODI Guru,

    I am unable to clone the repositories isung SQL Developer –> Database Copy
    My SQL developer version is Version 1.5.5 and DB is 11g R2.
    I have checked some older version where Copy DB option is not there.
    I am gettign the below error at the middle of the cloning process.
    —An Error was encounter performing the request operation.
    Closed Connection
    Vendor Code -1708
    Reconenct Cancel

    I have tried to reconenct but it is the same error.
    I have closed and reopened the SQL Developer but then also same error.
    Error starting at line 6 in command:
    I have checked in the log file also. Some SNP tables created correctly but also getting the below errors as example.
    Error starting at line 9 in command:
    Error report:
    SQL Error: Closed Connection

    Please suggest how I can clone using SQL developer.

    • Hi Prasun,

      seems the error is specific for MSSQL Server… Unfortunately I don’t know MSSQL Server so well to help…

      Could you try some forum related to MSSQL Server?

      Thank you for visiting us!

  6. I am new to this… and we are planing to upgrade our environment (ODI 10g DWR and EWR to ODI 11g). Apart from mentioned steps above do we need to take care any other Tasks.
    My main point is … any code related things can take care (if I am not wrong)…

    Please kindly let me know. Thanks.

    • HI,

      as you are upgrading only the data base nothing is necessary to be done at ODI repositories. All previous “developed” code is fully compatible!

      Thanks for visit us!

      • Hi can any one tell what is space requirement for ODI upgrade. We have DB size of 15GB

        • Hi,

          For master repository 200 MB is more than enough in general…

          For work repository depends on how much long you wish to keep the operator log’s. But in general, 1 GB is more than enough too!

          • Hi,
            Can you guys tell me what is the required space(Table Space) while upgrading from 10g to 11g. Cloned work and master repositories are of 5GB including SWAP and TEMP tables.

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