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ODI Certification – Approved

Howdy Readers,

After several year waiting finally Oracle released an ODI Certification… And I’m pretty happy because I was approved in the test…

I invite everyone that got the certification to leave a message in this post!

The fact of exists a certification process, allow the market recognize better the professionals that truly knows the software!

“See” you all soon!


  1. Can anyone help in ODI certification.. Exam Name/Exam Code. Study Material (ODI Dumps).
    Please Email at itisishu@gmail.com

  2. Hello All,

    Congratulations to all who passed exam.
    Can anyone share there experiences for this test in detail;any site name or study material used for this certification ?
    it would be really helpful.

    Revati P.

  3. Hi All, I am very new to ODI technology , currently I working on ODI 11g, as new graduate hire , please help me in reaching the text or document that I need to go through . please respond @ marriyugandharreddy@gmail.com

  4. Hello, please, I’d like to receive the material too.

    Please, could you send me to thorisangelo@gmail.com or share it in gdrive?

    Thanks a lot.

  5. Hi Everyone, I am new to ODI and started using 12c. I wanted to take 12c certification.
    Anyone, please share your study material by Google Drive or share it to surya.psb@gmail.com
    thank you so much for your help on this regard.


  6. Anyone, please share your study material by Google Drive.
    It will help everyone.
    or send your materials by mail.


  7. I am ready to take exam for certification

  8. Hello Sir,

    I would like to sit for the examination 1Z0-482. Could you please help me where I can get latest valid exam dump for the same ?


  9. ODI Certified!

  10. I am also ODI Certified!!!

  11. I am also certified…..

  12. Hi Cesar,

    It’s my first post and I would like to thank you for the good job that you do with this blog.

    I’m glad to say that I’m also certified !

  13. Can you pass to us feedback of proof?
    What should we study?

  14. Hi Cezar, how are you?

    Congratulations man! I’m glad for you!

    I was approved also!!

    Best regards!

  15. I also passed with 91% 😉 The time that we worked together at Sicredi helped me for this achievement for sure heheheh

    Congrats to us all!

  16. I have also passed the ODI certification exam 🙂


  17. Passed, but damned certview blocked my account..waiting for the result..

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