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11g Oracle Data Integrator – Standalone Agent but, and about the Windows Service???

Hi Guys,

Let me start a new discussion that, for sure, some ODI gurus will commnet! (Please, do it! hehehehehe)

In ODI 11g when I was doing the installation , I got a setup screen to setup the agent  and I created the agent called MAIN_AGENT and I initially thought it’s a cool feature and thought that the Agent was created and automatically the ODIPARAMS and other files will get update .

Once the installation is done and the ODI 11g instance is started , I just triggered the agent and I got an Error . Oops I have not started the agent_MAIN_AGENT.bat and when I started it suddenly vanished , I had a feeling that some thing was wrong  and something is not setup properly, so I went inside the agent_MAIN_AGENT.bat script and saw this

D:OracleMiddlewareOracle_ODI1oraclediagentbinagent.bat “-NAME=MAIN_AGENT” “-PORT=20910”

In short its just the file calling the agent.bat with the required parameters populated , so started digging around and looked at the odiparams .

The odiparams file was located where the standalone agent is located namely


I looked at it and saw that its pretty much the same but rather than the HSQL driver I was able to see the parameters for oracle. I started updating and provided the required parameters, at the ODI_MASTER_ENCODED_PASS I need to supply the encoded password , so I started typing in the command prompt

agent encode <password>


and ODI was trying to start the agent <password> ,so I knew some thing is changed again and I looked at the folder and I was able to see the encode.bat . Ah ! new funda . so I tried

encode <password >


Voila ! it worked Smile

After updating the required parameters , I was scrolling and looking at the other option , I saw new options  ODI_CONNECTION_RETRY_COUNT , ODI_CONNECTION_RETRY_DELAY


and also the ODI_JAVA_HOME is set with the required jdk path  which mean it no more reads from the JAVA_HOME or setting the environment variable ODI_JAVA_HOME. hmm !

Coming back to the above two option I was trying to find out what do they mean and the definition was defined as follows


I thought ok , let me play with these option some time later and let me restart the agent.

So I went to topology and created and updated the physical and logical agents as required .

Now I thought let me start the agent_MAIN_AGENT.bat and start again .


It  started . Cool ,but then I thought how about if I want to set up again another standalone agent on 20911, so I went to Topology created the Physical and Logical and called it second agent.

After doing so I made the duplicate of the agent_MAIN_AGENT.bat and called it agent_second_agent.bat  and update the required parameters

D:OracleMiddlewareOracle_ODI1oraclediagentbinagent.bat “-NAME=second_agent” “-PORT=20911”

Now I thought let me start that too and slowly the second_agent started too .


Now I wanted to make them as service so I was looking for agentservice.bat and I looked into the documentation and search for agent service but in vain .I even tried to bring in the Wrapper codes from ODI 10 g into 11g and make it as a service , i was successful in making the service but the conf files calls few java classes which could not be migrated since that would be complicated process.

Looks like we can only use the agentscheduler mode in windows but I can’t believe it… I will try to find out how to start it as service and publish as soon as I discovery!

See you soon!


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