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11g Oracle Data Integrator – Part 1/11g – First Screen

Hi Guys! 

It’s really a pleasure write this post… because Oracle Data Integrator 11g just arrives!!!!!!! 

Well, I’m not sure if you know but I’m an ODI enthusiastic (Did you notice it?  😀 ) and, because of that, I will tell you my ODI 11g impression in 11 blog posts!  Isn’t original but liked the idea! hehehehehehe! 

Well guys, here it is! The first screen from ODI Studio!!! 

ODI Studio


There is a lot of differences… 

The first is that there is no more 4 separated modules, just one GUI (look into the image) and several commands are, now, accessed from a menu bar. 

Well, I now that is few information but is just the first of eleven… The next’s post will bring a lot of new information! 

Talk to you all soon! 

Cezar Santos


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