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Killing session in ODI 11g

Hi everyone…

This post is about a something new on ODI 11g…

I must confess that  when I saw the first time I didn’t get the concept but now, it’s more clear!

I hope you all enjoy!

In ODI 10g we had this big issue of killing the job especially its big headache when we need to ping or disturb DBA . ODI 11g seems to handle this situation smartly by introducing new options called STOP NORMAL and STOP IMMEDIATE.

You can find this option under the running session.Lets look how this two options work.



I am killing the running session using the option STOP NORMAL. The SID for this query is 143  and so I right click and click on Stop Normal


A pop up will be shown for  Stop Session dialogue and click OK to kill it.


After running a few test I have seen that Stop Normal takes time to kill the session and  after a while we get the Session Stopped dialogue. Generally in the Normal  kill command,  Oracle marks the query with status of Kill so most of the time the Oracle will wait for the operation or query to be processed and mark the query as Killed and pretty much the similar logic is being carried out for the STOP NORMAL, so this kill operation takes time.



My SID query also return nothing as the Session is killed in the Database too.



Similar to the Stop Normal the  Stop Immediate will ask the permission to be killed or not . Click OK for the confirmation.


Being an Immediate clause ,  the query is killed immediately.


Note:- This process can only work when the User used in Topology have the necessary Kill  permissions.

That is it! I hope be useful to all of you!

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