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Installing ODI in Windows 7

There seems to be some forum threads with installing ODI in windows 7 Edition . I would like to throw some light and tweaks to make it work.

ODI doesn’t support windows 7 since it checks for Windows version before installing. To suppress run the setup from command prompt > setup -ignoresysprereqs , this will let you pass through the initial Windows version check and keep continuing until the end.

In windows 7 Home premium , my ODI was not successful in installation or even it does the ODI dint start so I triggered manually by copying Oracledi folder and created the Environment Variable – ODI_JAVA_HOME to point to latest JDK Path.

Windows 7 Professional , Enterprise and Server 2008 R2 have been successful in installation with ignoresysprereqs option.

After ODI installation , install the JDK1.6 and later since 1.6 support transparency else ODI will work in Basic Theme and create or change the Environment Variable – ODI_JAVA_HOME to point to latest JDK Path.

Small  simple idea to access ODI faster from Taskbar

The easy way of calling designer or topology is creating a shortcut or batch file. Batch files are smart windows programming as shell scripts for Unix.

For example  – create a batch file  –  designer.bat and copy paste

CD C:OraHome_1oracledibin    < odi designer path >

similarly do so for operator , topology and agent too .

CD C:OraHome_1oracledibin
agentscheduler.bat -name=XMT_AGENT

or  create shortcut into the desktop from  oracledi/bin folder  into a separate Folder and call it Batch_files or whatever meaningful name you wish to provide.


Right  click on Taskbar – >  Toolbars  – > New toolbar  and selected the Batch file folder .

As shown in the above image , with one click from taskbar i can access my ODI easily. This is just my way of accessing ODI in windows 7 , if you have some thing more creative , please share with odiexperts followers.


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