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ODI PARALLEL contains codes and KM specifically written to support the following functionalities.

  • Unload Multiple Tables with Headers in Parallel.
  • Load Multiple Huge Files in Parallel with out any DB Utility.
  • Load C$ in Parallel.
  • Advanced File Loading utility supporting Footer , Skip certain Lines , Capture DB Error without failing File and so on.
  • HTML Email with advanced Styling , authentication Support and more .
  • API such as Get File Row Count , First 100 Rows and Jython to Java and so on.
  • and many other features ...
  • ODI 11g presently supported.

ODI PARALLEL is in beta version and may contains some bugs/issues


Reading and Writing Excel is a big challenge in ODI ,especially in the Non-Windows environment . Today, from ODIExperts we provide an unique solution which will enable you to Reverse, Load and Integrate (Read/Write) Excel XLS and XLSX files.

ODI JDBC Excel is java based Excel driver written specifically for ODI to deliver better and faster ETL experience with Excel as Source or Target.

Some of the key feature of this Driver are :-

  • Reverse , Load and Integrate(Read/Write) Excel XLS and XLSX files.
  • Reverse Multiple Sheets simultaneously
  • Rewrite into existing Excel file
  • Faster Loading of huge data into Excel (XLSX) using less memory.
  • Style Excel header while writing
  • No Microsoft Office required / DSN for any of its Operation
  • Now supports both ODI 11g and ODI 10g
  • Above all its free Now !!!

ODI JDBC Excel is now available for ODI 10g and ODI 11g and above all its free to Download with no limitations


ODI_JDBC ACCESS is java based Access Driver written specifically for ODI to deliver better and faster ETL experience with Access as Source or Target.Access 2000 and later are only supported presently

Some of the key feature of this Driver are :-

  • Reverse , Load and Integrate Access DB
  • Reverse Single/Multiple Tables simulateneously
  • Rewrite into existing Access
  • CopyTable and copyFile API to move data from DB/Delimited File into Access DB using ODI Procedure
  • Supports Excel Datatype such as BOOLEAN, BYTE, CURRENCY ,DATETIME ,DECIMAL, DOUBLE, FLOAT, , INT, LONG ,MEMO ,OLE ,and TEXT . GUID (Presently not supported)


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ODIExperts have always tried to help the ODI users and community through ODI Forums , One on One via Emails and various other ways and continuing that trend we are also happy to introduce a Jobs page specifically Jobs related to ODI around the Globe. Jobs page hpefully can benefit Employers and Employees looking for Full time/Part time/Consulting Position.

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