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First year of many…. Thank you Friends!

While writing another post for odiexperts , I realized that its been a long time since we have opened odiexperts.com and we haven’t celebrated our first birthday Smile . So I scrolled back to Cezar’s first lovely post – Welcome to ODI Experts, this is Cezar Santos.I saw the posted date  of August 16 , 2009 . Yeppiee !!!  we have crossed an year but we forgot to celebrate our first birthday, so even though we are a little late but not too late .

I  welcome you all for our lovely birthday and Thank you so much Cezar for giving me the opportunity to write in this blog and above all a big Thanks you to all our viewers and everyone who has made this blog a success . Thank you so much.

A special thanks to Craig Stewart who have provided us his value expertise and suggestion and making the post more valuable .

We will try our best to keep supporting and bringing more ideas ,tips , best practices of ODI to all of you and above all we request all viewers to provide us more value suggestion so that we can provide more quality and work in our effort towards bringing the best of ODI .

— Kshitiz Devendra

Yes… Birthday…  this is one of the days that we realize how fast is the time…

I like to write but I’m not sure if I have the right words today… but Thank you ALL!

Dev, our partnership is a success! Your hard-work, intelligence, dynamism and fast mind could bring to ODI Experts the possibility to be here until today.

I don’t know if all friends and readers of ODI Experts Blog knows but we don’t make any money from this work. We are here because we love what we do. A lot of people thinks we are Oracle employee, but not, we doesn’t have any professional relationship to Oracle.

When we got emails (and they are several by day) or reply a comment or even reply at ODI Official Forum, is just because we like to help and, even more, see the people happy in realize his job.

Because of that, I need to thank to some friends that helped us in the same spirit.

They are  Craig Stewart and Christophe Dupupet
Thank you very much guys! Every time I asked something  you always are there!
— Cezar Santos


Thanks a lot our lovely viewers from both of us . We love to see you again and keep helping us to grow odiexperts.com


Cezar Santos and Kshitiz Devendra

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