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Export – Import DWR to DWR having same Master Repository

For this particular Example I am exporting Project, Models and all the other objects under it from ODI_DEV [ DWR ] environment to ODI_TEST [ DWR ] where DWR is Development Work Repository

Step 1 – Export the Project

Specify the directory to be exported

Step 2 – Export the models as shown above and you will find all the exported objects are created as XML Files as shown below.

Lets now move the objects to the other ODI_TEST [ DWR ] environment.

Step 1 – Export the Models

Login into ODI_TEST [DWR] , Right click on the Import Model folder option under the Model Tab.

Go the Folder where the objects are created.

Use only ‘ INSERT_UPDATE’ option as this way it would maintain the internal ID of the objects.

Don’t worry about this warning and click ok.

The models are imported . The next step is to import the project

Repeat the above step to import using the INSERT_UPDATE mode and select the project to be import and as you can see all the packages, interface , KM are also imported .

Now lets test the interface for its validity.

Voila it works

  2. For this example I have not used any variable in that case I would suggest this order for Import.

  3. Import Models
  4. Import Global Variables , Sequences , Functions
  5. Import Project
  6. Lets look at the Internal Id of both the environment, they are same , you can compare other objects too and you will find that their internal ID are the same.

Using ODI Solution

Right click on the Solution and click ‘ Insert Solution ‘

As You can see that , the Project and the Model are created with the required versions.

Now Log into the other DWR environment and since the solution is stored in the Master Repository and we have the same Master Repository . The solution will be visible in the other DWR.

Right click on ” Restore All Elements ” to restore all the objects of the solution.

Click ok on all the warnings

Do so for all the other objects and finally all the objects will be restored to the required version.

I ran the package again and it worked.


Please find my future post on more best practices and method of Export and Import of ODI Objects.


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