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Drivers Location in ODI 11g


A small but very helpful tip!

Initially when I was scrolling  the documentation there were two location where we would need to place the Drivers one in <WINDOWS_USER_HOME>AppDataRoamingodioraclediuserlib

and the other will be the <ODI_HOME>/agent/oracledi/drivers  Folder.

It confused me why two places and this is not feasible architecture , then I turned my attention towards the Global Architecture of  Server  and Client .  So if my ODI Server  is located on a UNIX server then I would be placing all my drivers under the agent/oracledi/drivers   folder,since Agent will be located on my Server . While my Windows Client machine  would be using the  AppDataRoamingodioraclediuserlib folder for drivers ,as I would be using the Local Agent for reversing and if I in case I need to use  respective RKM automatically Server Agent can be used to connect.

Moreover when we install the ODI Studio namely the ODI client the user wont have the agent folder and so they would have no confusion and would have to use AppDataRoamingodioraclediuserlib for drivers .


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