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Connecting openLDAP

In Hyperion EPM 11 , authentication information is stored in openLDAP .

To get more information for the Hostname , port name , log into your Hyperion Shared Service console and under ‘ Administration ‘ click on ‘ Configure User Directories

Configure User Directories

Provider Configuration

Click ‘ Edit ‘ on the ‘ Provider Configuration‘ and check for the other details required for setting up the connection for openLDAP in ODI

Right click on LDAP Technology and ‘ Insert Data Server ‘ and for User -enter the above ‘user DN – ‘ cn=root,dc=css,dc=hyperion,dc=com

Here cn=root , the main root user who have all privilege to read all the data from OpenLDAP .

Select the Sunopsis JDBC Driver for LDAP




<host>: LDAP server network name or IP address. – < localhost >

<port>: port number the LDAP server is listening on. < 28089 >

<base_dn>: base DN to connect to. < dc=css,dc=hyperion,dc=com >

Encode the password using this command

The Default Password for OpenLDAP is ” security

To encode the password , run this command

java -cp E:OraHome_1oracledidriverssnpsldapo.jar com.sunopsis.ldap.jdbc.driver.SnpsLdapEncoder <enter password here>

If your password is not changed and also the User DN is same then you can use this JDBC url ,just change the localhost to your hostname



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